Financial Literacy Teaches You How To...
  • Build Your Budget
  • Supercharge Your Savings
  • Invest for Income
  • Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
  • Boosting Your Credit Score
  • Build Your Strength

Connecting, Consulting, & Coaching...


ClarityThe first step to becoming financially literate is understanding money. money isn’t evil, contrary to belief. Money measures value. When you add value at work, it justifies higher pay. This mindset can help you focus on adding value everywhere in and not just clocking in and out at work.


Build a financial fortress from what you learn. Learn how to provide value to others. These are core concepts to gaining financial literacy.


You must understand how money and our economy works.

InsightsThere’s a direct link between education and financial literacy. Many people demonstrate relatively low levels of financial literacy resulting in many having difficulty applying financial decision-making skills to real-life situations. 


Lack of financial understanding affects all socioeconomic levels. The result,  those who have limited financial literacy may not manage their financial resources effectively and may be reluctant to discuss topics such as retirement, budgeting, tax planning and Social Security. 

SolutionsWe help people with less financial knowledge stay engaged by discussing their personal options in terms they can easily understand and process. We breaking down industry jargon and use relatable examples to help people understand the concept and the benefits.


Our coaches are catalysts for our client’s enhanced self-insight. We help stimulate thinking in new and reframed ways and facilitate action according to our client’s desired future. We have a minimum of 10 years coaching experience and draw on significant business and leadership experience, as well as our training to assist our clients reach their true potential and goals.  

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Knowledge Based

Knowledge Based is established to showcase intellectual literature.  We focus on promoting literature that not only promote Women writers but also assist in writers gaining an audience of readers and listeners.  Our preference in literature consist of books and online literature that focuses on:


  • Mental Health

  • Religion

  • Conquering Fear

  • Relationships

  • Self esteem

Contributors: Tiffany Pineda, Shanquila Grant, Lisa Mangum, Sonya Samuels, Shameka Wilcox, Melynda Rackely, and Thomasena Gadson


7 extraordinary Women sharing impactful stories, life lessons, and wisdom for all ages. 

Wisdom from Queens illustrates  how to take the suffering of your past and mold it into a ladder that will lead you to freedom. Each contributor story will inspire you through the tough times and let you know you are not alone in the challenges of life. It teaches you how to let go of anger and resentment, how to love yourself, and how to grow into the person you dream of being.