Growing Towards Your Next Level of Literacy

  • Initial Consult

    One Hour Session

    Our goal is to provide advisory and consulting services, from a real-world perspective, to help you develop the best solution for your service and/or product offering.

    From the beginning of your concept, I will help you to investigate the potentials by evaluating market size and value based on your ideas from a real-world customer perspective.


    Our speciality is helping you in the planning phase to create engaging solutions for your customers. We will also assist in looking at the investment needed to build, maintain and most importantly grow your business.​



  • Financial Literacy Education

    One Hour Session

    Effective Financial Literacy Education consist of helping consumers and communities as they work to bridge the gap between knowledge, intentions, and actions. We have a range of strategies to assist consumers and communities reach and achieve their goals in financial education and resources. We assist to create Wealth Building strategies!


    We believe in building principles as a path forward for effective financial education. Our five principles are built on:

    • Getting to know the individuals, families, and communities we serve.

    • Providing actionable, relevant, and timely information our clients can begin immediately.

    • Assisting in improving key financial skills and awareness through education.

    • Building motivation for the clients we serve.

    • Assist in creating easy protocols and practices to following to make better financial decisions and follow-through.



  • Speaking Events

    One Hour Session

    The ultimate goal of motivational speaking is to change people profoundly on an emotional and/or mental level. My goal is to help each client make professional and/or personal change in their life and within themselves.


    People naturally tend to focus on all their problems, my goal is to  help the audience and/or individual focus on the many opportunities instead.

    We offer one on one sessions, as well as, workshops for community and corporate groups. 



Stronger Together!